Claire Danes Performs My Emotions For Me

Illustrations are my own
  1. When I continue to have anxiety dreams about graduating high school.
    Even though I graduated COLLEGE 12 years ago.
  2. When I pour my heart and soul into sharing artwork but my most-liked Instagram posts are pictures of pizza.
    Arty pizza, but still...
  3. When I was SAVING that cupcake to reward myself after a trying work day.
    And an intern gave it away. To Chris Isaak.
  4. When I accidentally read the comments on something lovely and remember why humans are terrible and I hate the internet.
    I never learn.
  5. When I think of the cars, vacations, and new underwear I could have purchased had I not been paying $500 a month in student loans since forever.
    By the time I'm done I'll probably be a hermit who wears ratty old granny pants though, so maybe I won't care?
  6. When it's late at night and I'm hangry and the joint says "Yes we have a veggie burger" so I order one...
    And then I get home and it's one lettuce leaf and one tomato slice on a bun.
  7. When I spend all day perfectly and obsessively inking a drawing and then I spill coffee on it.
    Come on!!!
  8. When I see people & companies selling products featuring work stolen from independent artists.
    They usually say, "Oh it was a free image I found on the Internet."
  10. YEAH, NO.