Because the only thing better than Texts From My Dad is Packages From My Dad
  1. As I recounted in my first list Texts from my dad, my dad texted me a while back asking if I needed an Exacto knife set.
    I didn't at the time, but shortly thereafter, the handle of mine snapped off in my hand, so I let him know I was looking...
  2. A week later he sent me this ridiculously deluxe kit!
    Wow, okay I'm set for my all my crafty needs!
  3. But the thing about my dad is that this notion in his head that I needed knives did not go away after he sent me some.
    In high school when I started putting embroidered patches on my backpack, he sent me every patch he came across and he still sends me some from time to time...
  4. So a week later I got this in the mail.
    Utility knives of all sizes. Well, I can put one in each purse I use and then I'm never without one?
  5. But what about fancy occasions where a mere utility knife does not convey enough luxury?
    Look it's even for ladies 👠👠👠👠
  6. Did you think that was it?
    It's a fair guess, but you are wrong.
  7. A "store bought" knife is but a trifle, I mean, we are DIY, pioneer spirit, rugged Alaskan people, there is no reason not to have knives uniquely tailored to our own personalities.
    ... Right?
  8. When I heard "You got a piece of cake in the mail!" I was a bit disappointed it didn't look like an actual piece of cake. 🍰
    It was just a peculiar triangle covered in stickers and odd selections from his Word of the Day calendar.
  9. I mean, the bar has been set high since receiving this ice cream cone with stamps on it...
  10. But inside the triangle, under many layers of bubble wrap... Was ice cream!
    With a strange message attached. Never can tell with my dad what is a joke and what is not...
  11. I braced myself for confetti or dead bugs or whatever else might be contained therein.
  12. Well it's a knife of course.
    The most perfect knife a weirdo artist could ever hope for.
  13. Here it is in its new family with my squirt gun and timer.
  14. 🔪🔪🔪 The End 🔪🔪🔪