People I think I look like vs. People I really look like

Inspired by @igrec_O
  1. I cut my own hair all through college, and like probably 90% of art school girls in the early 2000s, aspired to be Amélie.
    Oh! She's adorable! I could totally rock that haircut.
  2. Turned out to be a little more complicated than I expected, however.
    Bonjour, it's me! Your willowy Parisian ingénue!
  3. But I kept at it, because hair grows! And I swear those bangs are just straight across, how complicated could it be?
    Also not unreasonable to expect a haircut could make you grow six inches and lose 50 lbs, right?
  4. Unfortunately, one of these attempts came right before I was photographed for an academic award, so it's now preserved forever on the Internet and I pretty much nailed THIS look instead.
    I also wore a NKOTB shirt and a miniskirt with red tights and cowboy boots since the luncheon suggested business attire and I am in the business of I Do What I Want.
  5. I got way better at self-inflicted haircuts by the time I was a senior.
    Never managed to put on lipstick and not look like a drag queen though. 😬
  6. See, here's me at graduation!
    Nailed it.
  7. Epilogue: so last week I hacked off my grown out Halloween mullet because it's getting Too Hot For That Shit, and I was unshowered and making breakfast in a grubby sweater and pjs, when my bf's aunt popped by and told me I looked très gamine. What?! How did this happen? That's like not just
  8. But also
  9. And even
  10. Is it possible that Not Giving A Fuck is truly the path to haircut success?!
  11. Alas no. I remembered that pretty much everything else this woman says is straight up crazyballs so I looked in the mirror.
    That seems more realistic.