Some rad folks born November 29. Inspired by @ScottySin.
  1. These people are pretty great!
    Anna Faris, Andrew McCarthy, Brian Baumgartner, Jerry Lawler, C.S. Lewis, Don Cheadle, Busby Berkeley, Jonathan Knight, Louisa May Alcott
  2. But really...
  3. Fantasy Girl Gang right here:
  4. Tied for #1: Franchesca Ramsey
    I admire this woman and her work so much. I wonder if using humor and pop culture as access points to meaty critical dialogue is an inherently Sagittarian trait, because it is something I strive for at which she definitely excels! 📺 If you don't know her: look up her YouTube channel, and watch MTv's "Decoded."
  5. Tied for #1: Janina Gavankar
    I literally can't remember anyone she starred opposite because she just goddesses everyone else right out of the water. I identify strongly with her insistence that "Nobody is one thing," as demonstrated by her exploration of many creative pursuits and refusal to be labeled or narrowed down by anyone else's expectations. 📺 If you don't know her: watch The L Word, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries.
  6. I want them on my team.
  7. Fangirl out.