I come by this Weirdo Artist thing honestly
  1. Hey babe? You gotta exacto knife set? I'vea gotta a spare. I'ma texting with italiano acent cuz i wuza lookin atta my venice book.
    He used that accent on our answering machine in olden times.
  2. So what do we do to celebrate "sexy rexy" ?
    Anticipating Rex Manning Day.
  3. Ok. Here we go! How 'bout "1992 chevy van karaoke" could be big! Just gotta clean out my van first.
    He has lots of Big Ideas.
  4. You made my day. Here i am standing on a step ladder in the north woods @ 33 deg. In the wink of an eye or a neuron i was in venice.
    I texted a pic of Peggy Guggenheim.
  5. Going to get my donald trump tatoo today. Har! And monkeys will fly outa my butt!
    Plenty more jokes where that came from.
  6. That coloring book is fantastico!! Speakin of reba: remember the week before you were born one of my students had a dream we named you reba. :-)#
    I never heard this story, nor do I remember its occurrence from before I was born.
  7. Hey Bullitt is on and the car chase scene just passed the place I used to live in San Fran!
    He used to call me to tell me this every single time he accidentally came across this movie on tv.
  8. "Chockolat chips and mushy peas" ice cream. Really! ...its english
    Apropos of nothing.