The Best Ice Cream Ever

Based occasionally on taste but mostly on nostalgic association
  1. 🍦The one in Asbury Park when my BFF's husband secretly flew me across the country to surprise her for her birthday.
  2. 🍦The fake one my dad made out of foam and just slapped some stamps on and dropped in the mail to me.
  3. 🍦The one I ate at the end of TypeCon when I had challenged all attendees to eat as many Salt & Straw flavors during the conference as possible and I clinched the lead.
  4. 🍦The one I ate at a Cuban restaurant at my friend's rehearsal dinner while everyone else drank Sangria and seemed to feel bad for me that I was having ice cream instead but I was obviously the winner in this scenario.
  5. 🍦The one I made from local blueberries and ate while wearing plaid and watching Twin Peaks like a poster child for PNW living.
  6. 🍦The ones we had at Edgefield while we sat outside on a picnic blanket watching Beck and Jenny Lewis.
  7. 🍦The ones from Jeni's that one of my best friends had FedExed in for a surprise party she threw for me.
  8. 🍦The one from Hot Licks I ate on my first visit back to AK in many years.
  9. 🍦The one that resulted from a fiasco when I tried to make Momofuku banana cream pie the first time, which actually turned out to be the most delicious ice cream I've ever made.
  10. 🍦The one I got from Ample Hills Creamery when I met up with some friends in Brooklyn, and they took me there because they knew I liked ice cream, and I didn't even tell them I'd just been there an hour earlier while I was waiting for them. 😂
  11. 🍦The one I bought myself in an airport as a reward for fitting my great-grandmother's 100-year-old cast iron waffle maker in my carry-on luggage.
  12. 🍦The one that melted all over my hand outside Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco which was my single request on a goofy, chaotic road trip.
  13. 🍦The one I got for free next to the pool on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, which gave me a theme on which to meditate during a trip that was otherwise Totally Off Brand for me. Free Ice Cream. Free Ice Cream.
  14. 🍦Every single one I've ever eaten from Frite & Scoop on Astoria, Oregon, because they are literally the sweetest, kindest people on Earth and also the ice cream is crushingly delicious.