Visual Motifs Of Empire Records Which I Would Consider Tattooing On My Body

But maybe I should just get them all, for context?
  1. $9,000 and Joe's drumsticks
    Count money twice... Keep my hands off his beer, cigars, and drumsticks...
  2. A cup from Atlantic City and a few quarters
    I don't feel the need to explain my art to you, Warren
  3. Orange M&M
    Exceptional decision-making tool
  4. Everyone's morning coffee
    I hope when they Save the Empire they can buy some real milk products for their coffee.
  5. Debra's clippers
    There's still some hair in the sink if you wanna glue it
  6. A.J.'s pocket watch
    Showing 1:37 exactly
  7. The chair Rex doesn't like
    What do you mean you don't like the chair?
  8. Warren's shoplifting magnet
    Rap, metal, rap, metal, Whitney Houston?
  9. Couch cushion
    I'm not leaving the couch Joe!
  10. New uniform
    Welcome to MusicTown, may I service you?
  11. Name tag for Warren
    I work here
  12. The brownies Eddie gave Mark
    Special recipe (extra sugar)
  13. Gina's bra which Corey borrowed and ripped off while they were having pizza
    Hey, you forgot your... thingy...
  14. Corey's fuzzy sweater & Mark's Chainsaw Kittens shirt
    Excellent 90s specimens
  15. Mark dusting the ballerina's foot
    Because a tattoo of Ethan Embry's face might be a creepy move