My musings on Season Six, Episode Eight of Game of Thrones

I keep getting musings...
  1. Cersei, when Ser Robert Strong killed the priest
    I haven't seen her look that happy in a while.
  2. Jamie
    Most interesting character on the show, but incredibly naive when it comes to his Narcissistic Sister/Lover.
  3. Jamie, Part 2
    He does have good instincts about good people (Brienne)
  4. Lancel
    Wonder how Jamie will feel when he finds out Cersei was schtupping their cousin.
  5. Sandor and Beric
    The negotiation on killing the Rogue Rogues was hysterical.
  6. Bronn
    Woefully underused
  7. Arya
    Glad she can get the hell out of Braavos, and we will never have to hear about Braavos again...until Mark Gatiss calls in The Iron Throne's loan. (Evil laugh here)
  8. The Iron Throne
    Someone needs to tell Danerys that The Iron Throne has decreased dramatically in value.
  9. Qyburn
    He's a Varys wannabe.
  10. The Blackfish
    RIP-You deserved better