These are my own musings and should not be taken as gospel. If you don't agree with me, well you are probably right. No need to call me stupid.
  1. I'm glad the Plot In The North is moving forward, but I have no faith in Jon and Sansa's leadership. Davos Seaworth is the only thing holding it together.
  2. Any reason Sansa could be writing to Tyrion and not Baelish?
  3. I'm convinced Theon will end up dead, but I think it will be in some noble way that will help him atone.
  4. So what do you think Jon will do when he gets word from The Wall that his brother Bran and Uncle Benjen are there?
  5. I'm annoyed at how show runners handled the stuff in Dorne. That's a compelling storyline in the book.
  6. I still miss Oberyn.