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  1. Ok to refresh ya memory this is Angus
    Those shiny white chompers are just begging for nasty shit to enter his mouth cave
  2. ALL the goose poop
    No, seriously. All the poop. Even the goose diarrhea.
  3. A bra cup insert
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Jk it was the best I've ever had
  1. Jackfruit cubano
  2. BBQ mock duck Sammy and jackfruit tacos
  3. Tofu tacos
    Smoking cow food truck
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Mario 3 caused my tooth to fall out
  1. I was in fourth grade
  2. I was playing Super Mario Bros 3 on the ice level and kept dying
  3. I kept dying and started to get really, really mad
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  1. The birthday kid!
    (No, I promise he is not high)
  2. She bought him a "cake"
    What's fun is how I had to clean up the diarrhea later from the "cake"
  3. My parents
    Hating that they are at a puppy party. They would rather be at a real baby's party lollll
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99.9% of them are things that could kill him! So this is a fun daily game for me!
  1. This is Angus. He is 10 months and kiiiiind of a dick.
  3. Let start the list with a dead frog. Yeah I had to dig a dead frog out of his grill.
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  1. Peeling my snowsuit at Tin Cups
    A clown came up behind me and tickled me
  2. My aunt having a jacuzzi and also knowing Bobby McFerrin
    Both lies that I told kids in my second grade class
  3. Being the kid scared of anything Frosty the Snowman related
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I'm afraid of many things, but those demon birds are #1 on my list.
  1. I was enjoying the heat and sunshine of a glorious Arizona day. I was on vacation and loving life.
    Little did I know that I was thiiiiis close to being disemboweled.
  2. My dudefriend took me on a "desert safari"
  3. We rode around in a little jeep as animals casually strolled around
    The driver/tour guide had a bucket of dog treats (?) that he would give to the animals. Didn't matter which animals, they all got dog biscuits.
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  1. This picture of my late beebee. I can't not smile looking at it.
  2. Seamus majestically and regally posing in his winter jacket last year.
  3. The love of my life and also my boyfriend wearing matching puffy vests.
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  1. RIP Bex - She died doing what she loved...listening to the first 30 seconds of a song and changing it for a new one and not paying attention to the road.
  2. Here lies Bex - The single most amazing drunk-Amazon-orderer of all time.
  3. Weep not for me, Bunbun and I are partying it UP RN
    I doubt my family would like this one but
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I used to sing Bootylicious to my fat rabbit but RIP BUNBUN
  1. Levels - Nick Jonas
  2. Trap Queen - Fetty Wap
  3. 7/11 - 🐝
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