Analog Drake

I haven't decided if this works but...
  1. 0 to 100
    Shout out to the bitches out here holdin down the set, all up on my parchment lookin at etchings from the other night, she gon' be upset if she keeps scrolling to the left dawg.
  2. Energy
    Bought to bring around your carriage I got somewhere to be.
  3. Worst Behavior
    Hold up, hold my carrier pigeon, motherfuckers never loved us.
  4. Over
    So I'm trotting through the city with my black tails on
  5. Hotline Bling
    You used to telegraph me from your optical tower. Late night when you need my love. Telegraph me from your tower. Late night when you need my love. I know when that semaphore bling, that can only mean one thing.