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  1. Aziz Ansari
  2. Chelsea Peretti
  3. Aubrey Plaza
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He may not be tough, but he is lovable!
  1. His own shadow
  2. Leaves blowing in the wind
  3. The vacuum
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  1. BROAD CITY!!!
    This show is the bomb! @AbbiJacobson and Ilana are amazing and they know what's good
  2. Playing House
    Everyone needs to get behind this show asap! It is hilariously funny!
  3. The Mindy Project
    @mindy is a queen ✨👑
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I fully believe that every single person should watch these shows.
  1. 30 Rock
    Tina Fey is god's gift to this world and her gift to us is this show!
  2. Parks and Recreation
    Amy Poehler is the lead, no other reason necessary
  3. The Office
    Jim and Pam 4ever!