March 2 - March 5, 2017... this is going to be a long list
  1. Day 1 - we're late
    Blake and Emily were running late and now we're stuck in traffic on Lake Shore Drive making our way downtown. We still had time for Dunkin Donuts tho
  2. 9:28a - We're packed and ready to go!! Got McDonald's too lol
  3. 9:43a - we're eating gummy worms. A lot of food so far.
  4. 11:08a - we're jamming to Katy Perry!!!!
  5. 1:03p - still driving. There's a whole lot of nothing in the middle of Illinois.
  6. 2:30p - WE MADE IT
  7. 5:34p - got our media credentials. Getting ready for the first two games.
  8. 6:30p - first game of the tournament has begun. I'm covering RSL social and I'm sitting in press row 👍🏻
  9. 8:29p - first game ended with University of Evansville taking the W. Next game is starting soon; Drake vs. Bradley. I'm tired
  10. 11:55p - the second game was so boring! I'm exhausted and we're going to be editing all night woo
  11. Day 2, 10:06a - we're covering four games today... FOUR. GAMES. 😳
  12. 3:47p - Loyola vs Southern Illinois. This game is so boring and we still have to cover two games today... yay
  13. 8:50p - I've been eating horriblyyyy! The last game of the day is about to start t god
  14. 10:38p - just went on Facebook and Instagram live twice
    Probably going live again tomorrow... stay tuned
  15. 11:50a - we left the stadium and we drove into the wRONG PARKING LOT AND WERE STUCK
  17. Day 3, 10:42a - need. more. sleep.
  18. 8:04 - only two games today. I started editing the behind the scenes video and now we're going to dinner!
  19. 8:52p - we're having dinner at a Cardinals themed restaurant and, as a Cubs fan, I feel like I'm not supposed to be here
  20. 11:14a - we're at target. We needed alcohol and Trisha needed pantyhose.
  21. 12:43a - we're watching pitch perfect and having a sleepover!
  22. 2:07a - now we're watching Star Wars episode 5! No one is appreciating this as much as me
  23. Day 4, 9:31a - I'm exhausted. One last game today and then we're driving back to Chicago. Also, I dreamt that my favorite professor tried to FaceTime me and that's it.
  24. 9:42a - probably wearing the same outfit from yesterday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  25. 3:48p - Wichita state wins!
  26. 5:35p - HEADING HOME T GOD! To sum it up, lots of work, lots of drama, not a lot of sleep, but had tons of fun. That's a wrap on Arch Madness 2017!