Tell me yours, I know you have them
  1. Is it really necessary to throw your hot, lit cigarette butt out of your moving vehicle?
  2. People that start their sentences with, "i just want to pick your brain" well, okay if you pay me first.
  3. Throwing your wrappers, or other trash out of your moving vehicle. I want to know where these people live, I will be dropping by with my trash.
  4. I love dog people, but please pick up your dogs poop. They can't do it themselves and need our help. Especially when you live in a complex that has the FREE dog waste bag receptacles every few feet!
  5. People that talk with their mouths full umm, gross, first I can't understand you and second gross!
  6. Being called Mam! I know it isn't because you are being polite! I live in The north east, not down south.
  7. The "word" youze, I cringed when I just wrote it.
  8. People that one up you. Cant you just say, "wow that is amazing" and leave it at that?