We do Bar/Bat-Mitzvahs, Weddings, corporate, all social events and more.
  1. I wore a Phillies uniform to hand out the ticket place cards i made for the event. Not smiling, I'm a Red Sox fan!
  2. I made and wore a Very Hungry Caterpillar costume that represented my table scape at a huge fundraiser. My ex business partner was a beautiful butterfly! Needless to say we are partners no longer!
  3. I had a client send me a note written in red crayon saying that the check he sent is reflecting the bill his last event planner charged him 3 years earlier, not what my bill was supposed to be. He proceeded to ask me not to tell his wife about this. I called her that afternoon and got the balance. SHMUCK!
  4. The grandmother of the Bar-Mizvah boy asked me if I had tape? Then asked if I could help her in The bathroom. I had to go under her dress and duct tape her stocking to her leg! Yes that really happened. I apparently don't get paid enough for what I do!
  5. I argued with a client that she absolutely needed to put her guest cards out alphabetically, no, no she said they will find their name, she won. I sat back and watched the chaos! Are you going to argue with an older Russian woman?
  6. I don't know how many times I have to prove I am not the bad guy when working at a venue that has their own onsite planner. By the end of the night they are asking for my card. Is it so hard to work together rather than be the almighty, all knowing planner of the century? Who are these big bad planners and why do they have the same title as me?
  7. While doing an event show I had my photo album out. A woman from a balloon company came by looked through our book. When she came to a balloon photo, she told me they were under inflated! She must have magic powers to be able to tell that from a photo of balloons! I want magic powers!
  8. After being in business for 25 years, a potential corporate client told me I didn't have enough experience because I had never done the exact job he was asking me to do. Really? I have never had one job that was the same! WTF!
  9. Please add if you have your own business favs