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  1. Showered
    I only do this for special occasions
  2. Ate at elks lodge
    It's a family tradition and i made friends with what I think was a lesbian couple from Kentucky
  3. Saw and reconnected with my high school chemistry teacher at elk's lodge
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  1. My pug sitting pretty in the car
  2. My pug hiding underneath my shower curtain while I poop
  3. My pug laying down like he's dead
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At work. In public. I can't escape people's weird behavior
  1. I'll be the ONLY one in the restroom and the next person to come is guaranteed to go in the stall next to me
  2. People whistling while doing their business. Who does that?! You know who does that? Serial killers do that!
  3. People doing a combination of crossfit and ballet at the bathroom sink
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