Memories of Birthday Parties Past

I guess birthdays are a thing in my family. I have not had a good party in a while. Maybe next year!
  1. 1976 The Birth Day
    ....for obvious reasons
  2. 1981- 5th
    Shared with Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding. Also, I gave out bubbles as a favor.
  3. 1983 - 7th
    Rode with my guests in the back of a pick-up truck to Oodles Pizza. Got a Rubik's Cube!
  4. 1984 - 8th
    Roller skating, plastic charms, Premie Cabbage Patch Doll. 80s little girl heaven!
  5. 1987 - 11th
    My first surprise party which involved an epic water balloon fight.
  6. 1989 - 13th
    Thirteen hours, thirteen guests, and two tired parents. 9 am - 10 pm. Tshirt decorating, hot dogs, road rally, movie, swimming.
  7. 1990 - 14th
    Kidnapped and taken to The Dunes.
  8. 1992 - 16th
    I had three: one with school friends, one with skating friends, and one with close friends and family.
  9. 1996 - 20th.
    Backyard event with DJ. The best people in my life were there. First one celebrated with my husband. He bought me a lifetime supply of B&BW Juniper with Aloe lotions.
  10. 1997 - 21st
    Goldschalger and honey brown Ale with The Guys, drunk dialing Chuck, and then crawling into bed with my parents.