Things I saw and did in Thailand

This is a list of the things I did while in Thailand which may or may not be on your list if you are planning to visit the country.
  1. Drove in a Tuc Tuc and took a pic with the driver.
    This is a pretty solid mode of transportation and is very cheap. Some of the drivers are pretty nuts though but this dude was Chill.
  2. Visit the White Temple
    While super touristy, this temple in Chiang Rai is pretty cool.
  3. Visit the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon
    This place was for sure man made but was cool to visit and swim in. People also cliff jump.
  4. Myanmar/Thailand Border
    Myanmar borders Thailand and this was what the border looks like. Apparently if you go, your Thailand visa changes to a 15 day visa regardless of the visa you had prior to entering Thailand.
  5. Visit Long Neck Tribe
    Cool fact, their necks are getting longer, their shoulders just get pushed down.
  6. Rent Scooters in Chiang Mai
    Pretty solid form of transportation. Surprisingly, it's not that hard to drive in Thailand, you just have to be confident in lane changes and not make any sudden movements. People will generally drive around you if you're going too slow.
  7. See a dog in a scooter
    In Thailand you will see men, women, and children of all ages and sizes on a single scooter. Sometimes up to 5 people. But one in a while, you'll come across these bad boys.