Spoilers ahead
  1. Oh fuck, I forgot how sad I am for Jamie
    Incest children have no respect.
  2. Am I supposed to remember what happened at the Red wedding?
    That was sooo long ago.
  3. I feel like Arya didn't point out that bitches drink was poisoned enough. Like, you spilled my drink! Now I will pour more.
  4. Oh no, dude that loves khalessi, you look terrible?
    Wtf is his name?! I love him.
  5. Wait. That is that dude, right?
  6. I'm so confused about margereys intentions.
    But that little crown thing is ridiculous.
  7. I am so in love with that crazy grandma lady.
  8. Ugh, is margery really that brainwashed?! I just can't tell!
    I've always thought she was the most smart! She must be tricking everyone.
  9. Ooh! A sign! Yay!
    Am I supposed to know what that sign means?
  10. I was talking to someone the other day who hated Sansa. I love her. She's the only reason Jon snow has become tolerable.
  11. So I kinda remember this giant dude? But kinda not?
    Fantasy is such a confusing genre.
    I need her to be hot. It's part of her essence.
  13. Who is this child?!
    She's intense. And kinda a bitch.
  14. Also, Sansa is like, so hot lately.
  15. Davos is so good with kids!
  16. Hahaha 62?!
    Uh oh. That's no good.
  17. Awe Jamie, I love youuuu. (see list of TV crushes)
    Ugh Jamie is having such a hard time! I hate it! I want to fix it! Let me fix you!
  18. Oh look, sisters a real life lesbian.
    And theon is getting that liquid courage. This is like an ad for how great alcohol is.
  19. 62 Mormons?!
    Oh. Mormonts. Thank God for subtitles.
  20. Ew all the germs in aryas wound.
  21. Oh no! Nice guy and his people! Everyone is dead!
  22. The end!