Albums I Have Listened to From Beginning to End 20+ Times.

Real talk I think I have Listened to 1D's new album 4 times all the way through in the last 3 days. mainly because their new music video was so insanely awesome and unique (I'll expand later). Made me think of albums I have heard backwards and forwards. To the point where I know the order of the songs and it's weird listening to them out of order
  1. Still on 1D. Their history music video was one of the most polite middle fingers I have ever seen in my life. I mean they could of gone with the your loss, you are stupid, you suck approach, yet they go with the come back zayn and make gold records with us for the next oh I dunno 35 years. While I don't love 1D. They are talented and their songs..
    Are so stinking catchy. Their vocals are amazing and I have no problem with listening to them when it's just me and no youth group student is around. The choice to have the old film to show how babyish they were their first album was amazing. Made them seem old... They are 24. Crazy to think their best music might be ahead of them. Sure they will break up and go solo for 10 years then get back for a reunion tour and make more money than Cam Newton did at Auburn. Just like the Eagles.
  2. As much as I enjoy this new album it does not come close to 20+ plays all the way through. I get made fun of for over playing music. Guilty but I very rarely go playlist, I always want to listen to the album. Here are the most played
  3. Beautiful letdown- Switchfoot
    I think this was just a given for all Christian middle schoolers in 03-07. I asked for this CD for Christmas. Yes, a CD. It is something to go back and listen to the songs and realize all the memories this one has for me. Mostly just car pooling back and forth in the mini vans or the zous.
  4. Moondance- Van Morrison
    My beloved "Zous" was born at a terrible time where it was not young enough for the aux cord but it was also not old enough for a tape player. So to this day I can only listen to CDs. Moondance was left in the car and I always Listened to it in-between rides from San Marcos or Lockhart or San Saba or navasota. It's a great album that is timeless. If I could only listen to 10 songs for the rest of my life, into the mystic would be on there. (Guess I'll make a list for that later)
  5. Songs about Jane- Maroon 5
    I'll go ahead and steal this from the sterfry. It's crazy how good maroon 5 was and the fact that some people do not know that they used to sound like this. I absolutely love this album and can listen to it in multiple moods. Which might be the definition of a good album.
  6. so much more- Brett Dennen
    Brett Dennen was,is, and always will be my favorite study buddy. The amount of papers I wrote while listening to this album is absurd. I lost count the amount of times I got mad and threw pens across the library while I tried to figure out calculus, but everytime I had headphones on with the wire barley hanging on that had me saying when I heard the news my heart fell on the floor.
  7. John Mayer- battle studies.
    This came out my senior year of high school. I listened to it everytime I drove my car. Had the windows rolled down listening to perfectly lonely trying to act like a cool kid.
  8. Fearless- Taylor swift
    .... No need to expand
  9. Only by the night- Kings of Leon
    Loved this album. Much like everyone. Would listen to this on my phone while i played tiger woods in my room.
  10. Hard candy- counting crows.
    Just writing that sentence makes me want to listen to it tomorrow. Went on a weird only listening to this album my junior year of college for a 2 month period.
  11. Parachutes-Coldplay
    So underrated. If Sparks is good enough for John Rohan to win Rachael mcadams over, it's good enough for me
  12. A mark, a mission, a brand, a scar- dashboard
    Oh you were a such a cool kid if you listened to this in high school. And I was the coolest.
  13. For Emma, forger ago- Bon Iver
    Just such a great album to relax to and enjoy. Really can only be in a mellow mood to listen but I'm always down to transport myself to a snowy place and listen to flume
  14. 3 days- pat green
    Always upset when I think about him selling out. So great.
  15. Chariot stripped- Gavin degraw
    Best album of all time. Period end of sentence. if I could only listen to 1 album for the rest of my life, it would be this. Happy, sad, excited, scared, single, dating, broken up, engaged, any mood or stage of life. I will love this album.