Man do I love this app. I am so glad/pissed this wasn't around while I was in college because I would get zero work done and would of just replaced my blog for sure. When I do need to get stuff done here are the songs that I always fall back to. A good GSD song has to have 1. An air instrument you can play 2. Lyrics that can sung along to
  1. The joker-Steve Miller band
    You always need to have a good base line to get you in the mood, bring out the air bass, slap it a bit do a little shimmy a then get to work. Of course you got some great sing along potential and you everybody has a good story about this gem
  2. I'm not the only one-Sam smith
    Air piano-check. "Hitting" high notes in the chorus-check.
  3. In your atmosphere and City Love-John Mayer
    I put these two together because I believe they should always be played together. I have probably randomly shouted the two phrases of "she keeps a toothbrush at my place" and "I don't think I'm gonna go to LA anymore". The air drums I play to these songs are terrible or awesome. Depending how you view your air drum quality.
  4. Float on-modest mouse
    Greatest air guitar/band song of all time. Greatest group karaoke song of all time.
  5. Understand the problem-Quiet Company
    I think I've listened to this song maybe twice without cleaning the kitchen. One time I was dancing on the freshly mopped floor slipped hit my ingrown toenail and was on the floor with pain for 5 minutes. Took me awhile to Listen to it again but I pushed through.
  6. Find my way-Gabe Dixon Band
    I feel like everytime I hear the opening piano I need to get in my closet and pick a new outfit and get ready to destroy the day. It also makes me think of Ryan Reynolds half clothed(the proposal) ... Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  7. Don't wanna know why-whiskeytown
    I don't really know why I have this on the playlist.
  8. When you come back down-Nickel Creek
    It's at this point in the GSD playlist where I probably need to stop dancing and get back to writing the paper,doing the bills, sending emails, make fantasy football trades, you know the essentials. So we have this jam to get us back on track. This song always gives me false hope that I have a good sining voice. Like I feel like I could sing this song well. It's misleading.
  9. Peaches- In the Valley Below
    Song of the 2014 summer in the house. Same song I played in front of 100 high schoolers cause it's awesome and didn't listen to the lyrics that are a little PG for mixed company. Like another song later in the playlist this makes me think of the great guilty pleasure movie of endless love. Ladies it's good because it's a cheesy chick flick. Fellas it's good because it's a cheesy chick flick, it will get the job done.
  10. The entire talking dreams album- Echosmith
    This album got me through my last semester of bible college. I know I'm about to lose my audience after I say this statement... This might be a top 10 album for me (cue gasp). It's got everything. Lyrics, vocals, drums, slow, fast, uplifting, depressing, getting back together, breaking up, just starting to date somebody, trying to be like cool kids. It's so underrated. And surround you is the track that plays during endless love awk sex scene. So there's that.
  11. Faster ride- Cartel
    Ugggggggghhhhhhhh. This gets stuck in your head and it's always a good thing.
  12. Sleeping in- death cab
    This appears purely because you're wishing that you were sleeping for 10 hours instead of up at 4am writing a paper and then have to be up at 8 to turn it in.
  13. Turn me on- Norah Jones
    Always fun to try to sing like Norah and pronounce the word "cube" like she does. This is the point of time I have accepted that it's time to go to bed or time to move on to not getting stuff done.
  14. Sex on fire- Kings of Leon
    Purely because every playlist I have will have this on it and because of gossip girl. It starts off playlists, it ends them. It can do anything.
  15. Any Taylor swift song picked at random.
    Then surprised that I know every word doesn't matter if it's Tim McGraw or bad blood I haven't forgotten lyrics. And I probably never will.