Thanks for all the birthday wishes. 24 has been pretty good to me so far. You always have to sit and spend time in reflection on your birthday and here are songs you have to listen to on that birthday. List some of your go to songs or ones that I missed.
  1. 15- Taylor Swift
    Take a deep breath and you walk through the doors. Some great advice given by Taylor. Back when all she cared about was music and being herself. Not making squads and chasing fake problems in the world. When I think of Taylor I always look back at this album and smile. Remember what it felt like to be 15.
  2. Sweet 16- Hilary Duff
    Words can't describe your first crush. Gosh, I will fight anyone who says Hilary isn't super hot. Because 2003 Ben would punch you in the face if you disagree
  3. 17- Cross Canadian Ragweed
    As somebody who works with 20+ people who remind me that they changed my diapers. Nothing is more accurate than "you're always 17 in your hometown". Such a great chorus.
  4. 18 3 way tie. She will be loved- Maroon 5
    Beauty queen of only 18. I probably listened to this song on YouTube (yes you read that correct) on repeat for a solid month in middle school.
  5. Ocean avenue-Yellowcard
    Sleeping all day, staying up all niggghggggggggghhhhhhhht
  6. 18- 1D
    Kiss me while I lay down. One of the 15 songs they have that I listen to and go "I should hate this song but I actually love it"
  7. 19. Swiss army romance- Dashboard
    We're not 21, but the sooner we are the sooner the fun.
  8. 20. Matchbox twenty- unwell
    I know right now you don't care. But this song captures 20 really well.... Ok I really only picked it because the band name. Being 20 stinks.
  9. 21. House party- 3oh3
    Played this everyday all day my freshman year of college. It was actually my roommates alarm.
  10. 22. Hmmmmmmm. I wonder which song I would put here
  11. 23. What's my age again Blink 182
  12. 24. Twenty four- Switchfoot
    Life is not what I thought it was. 24 hours ago. Listened to this before I went to sleep the eve of my birthday. First song I played in the shower. Last song I listened to before I went to bed.
  13. Any birthday after 24. When we were young- killers/Adele/brett Dennen
    Only downhill from here gents. Getting too old for this.