Saw my all American last weekend. Really enjoyed it. I would bring Kleenex weather you boomer sooner, aggie, or horn. Did a great job telling the story of Freddie. It made me think of making a sports movie list. Now I am a lover of all sports movies so it's hard to pick a certain amount but these are ones I always pick out and watch over and over
  1. The Rookie
    I remember waiting in line to watch this movie opening day. I loved it as a kid and always enjoyed watching it over and over. As I got older and watched it I really enjoyed the relationship between both jimmy and his father and jimmy and his son. How vastly different they were and how he disliked how he was patented and he veered to another direction. How his son was his biggest fan. The scene of him and his mother walking down the dirt road is some of my favorite dialogue ever.
  2. For the love of the game.
    I don't really know why I enjoy this one. I always hate the "we haven't talked in years and I was with all these other girls but you've always been on my mind" relationship. Like seriously, you were in love for 10 years and didn't stay together because you were too stubborn to call her??? Ok. Anyway I always love how it's one day and the flashbacks that tie everything together
  3. Happy Gilmore
    I have seen this movie 30 times and i have quoted it 1000 times and I still laugh. In fact I'm giggling right now thinking about one liners. I mean how and I supposed to chip with that going on Doug.
  4. Space jam.
    If they re make space jam I will seriously go into a deep depression. If I see Lebron ruining this classic it would be like Greg Davis being the head coach for my football team. If you haven't watched it in 5 years go home and do yourself and favor and watch it again. Bill Murray is unbelievably clutch.
  5. Mighty ducks 3
    While everyone will say 1 or 2 when speaking of this great series the 3rd one was always my favorite. It gets a lot of crap for having very little Portman and Bombay but I always loved how they came together at the end. The scene where the roster is put up and captain is tbd and the Cowboy is trying to figure out what that means is my favorite. "Oh I get it. Well no I don't. That's you Charlie". Also Conway just straight up going for the girl is awesome.
  6. Little giants
    So many good one liners. The speeches are still my favorite part. I have a whole blog post about uncle Kevin but it is still one of my favorite scenes. The mean, hard, no emotion football coach telling his niece that she is beautiful makes me misty eyed every single time. And then Danny freaking and being shy around his high school crush is so good.
  7. Greatest game ever played
    This was my birthday present one year that's how much I enjoyed it. I always loved how they shot it and it was so unique and how they told a story. The age old battle of telling your father that you are good at something that he doesn't approve of and trying to make him proud. You probably haven't seen this one and you my friend, are missing out.
  8. Legend of baggar Vance
    Will smith most underrated performance I always love watching this from beginning to end to just enjoy the time frame and how awesome golf in Savannah was at that time. Matt Damon's two lines that always stay with me are the "I lost my swing" and "I liked the way we danced".
  9. Friday night lights
    ...... I don't need to explain this one at all.
  10. Little big league
    This is my all time dream. It was especially when I was younger and it still is today. Be the manager for a baseball team. I loved how he wasn't even good in little league but knew baseball and could get the team to win because of his knowledge of the game. I want to be bully hawyard when I grow up. And mack, the horses name is Friday.
  11. Remember the Titans
    Not only is it my favorite sports film of all time but just my favorite movie in general. I will watch any movie if it has a RTT character in it. I can quote every scene and tell you what song is playing in the background. I still dance, get goose bumps, bust out laughing, and cry in the same scenes 15 years later. An absolute perfect movie from beginning to end.