1. *Pancake stack*- first and foremost. Necessary to describe the beginning of my day 4x a week and my dinner most nights. Need this. Stat.
  2. *Cross your fingers emoji* "oh good god please please tell me the cop didn't see me going 25 mph over the speed limit"
  3. Relating to post above^ *Just got out of a speeding ticket emoji!!* Not a hundred percent sure what this would look like but I'm down for suggestions
  4. *Second-hand embarrassment emoji* Come on you all know the feeling. Someone around you is doing something so incredibly embarrassing that the shame baton is somehow passed to you (and probably several others around you)
  5. *Talk to the hand emoji* I mean why not
  6. *Leave me alone* Headphones on a little smiley- the millennialist way of sufficiently ignoring the world
  7. I know you are probably thinking that the breakfast categories are all taken care of, but you can't have a complete breakfast without pancakes AND waffles right? Probably. Anyway *waffle emoji* ASAP as possible.
  8. *Netflix emoji* Think about this honestly. What percentage of your text replies could be a simple Netflix emoji responding to people's incessant questions at what you're doing right then, or that night, or next week. *Netflix emoji* Boom.
  9. *Bat-symbol* Self explanatory badass-ery
  10. Lose the cat-face emojis, they sorta freak me out. I'm not the only one right?