Or: reasons why my husband is awesomely unique
  1. Because he would request such a list. Obviously.
  2. When I fall asleep watching TV (which is often) and wake up to find out what happened, he tells me that the Dowager Countess has died.
  3. He tortures me with such regularity that I really worry something is wrong when there is a lull.
  4. Under my name in his contact list is the label 'Helper'. It has been there since we met in 2006.
  5. He inscribed 'Helper' on my forearm with permanent marker one morning. This was displayed prominently when I took off my coat to deal with a patient emergency at work. Awesome.
  6. He held out the fact that he can cook, food shop and clean dishes until we had a baby 7+ months ago, after only 7+ years together.
  7. I love that he loves cats. But I had to draw the line at naming one of them 'Tron'.
  8. Seriously: Alexander. He's worth every absurdity.
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