Are you a social media manager? Web producer? Aspiring meme-creator? These are the must-have apps for those of us paid to be on Facebook.
  1. Bread and butter
    Twitter. Facebook. Instagram.
  2. Level up with some jam
    If you're ready to dive into other social apps try Periscope, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Pinterest, YouTube, Wordpress, Tumblr and Swarm.
  3. Managing tools
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    Facebook Pages is great to help you easily post and monitor the pages you manage. Stats for Twitter and Instagram is a good way to track competitors and growth. Google Analytics or Dashboard for Google Analytics are musts for tracking website numbers. The Hootsuite app is great, but I prefer using it on desktop. Repost for easy Instagram reposting.
  4. Creative tools
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    You'll want to create some fun content for whatever brand you're working for. Skitch is good for marking up or highlighting an image. Piclab is my go-to for memes and has a lot of options for collages and text. Flipagram makes quick slideshows, which are good for time lapse or how-tos. Photoblend is a pain to use, but the best app I've found to Frankenstein two photos. iMovie for videos.