From my experience. Also, I had a list idea the other day but I can't remember it, so this is the next best thing.
  1. People who are seemingly extroverts by the nature of their profession but are actually introverts
    Ambiverts forever
  2. Similarly- people who are awkward AF ...
    balanced by my awkward AF
  3. People who travel a lot
    (not with me... more like... they are gone all the time)
  4. Medium nerds
    nerds at medium level
  5. Medium nerds
    nerds who are psychic basically
  6. Jedis
  7. Jewish startup founders
    I went into business with one... 👭
  8. People who are busy AF that match my busy AF
    What is time anyway
  9. Musicians...
    no matter how much I try to avoid it. i've just decided to accept this fact. can't fight #theforce
  10. Creatives
  11. People who send me playlists
  12. People who "get" my dog
    This is more of a compatibility thing. If you don't get my dog then you don't get me. Bc I'm her spirit animal.
  13. People who can sit in a room with me without saying a word and still totally connect
  14. Must love charts
  15. People who like to take naps and eat snacks