This is my brain on music.
  1. When you feel like screaming
    But you can't bc ur in public so you live vicariously through Tei Shi's high pitched wails
  2. When you can't sleep
    It's literally a song about not being able to sleep. Which is comforting. And also soothing enough that maybe it will actually help you fall asleep.
  3. When you want to dance happy + when u miss ur friend's voice 🤗
    Discovered this madeon / passion pit track via my passion pit google alerts bc I help him with PR sometimes. I listened to it on repeat and found myself dancing on the sidewalk in LA - which 1) why was I walking around in LA like it's NY or something? 2) doesn't matter bc I was happy as fuck! Also legit Michael's voice has gotten me through depressions so #bless. And to [modify] quote Almost Famous - if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store [or spotify] and visit your friends. 😊