Inspired by @joemurphy @Boogie and everyone else
  1. Recommending just the right shows and movies to friends and family
  2. Holding the umbrella so it doesn't flip up
  3. Making Pb and J sandwiches minus the Pb
  4. Braiding hair
    As long as it's not my own
  5. Drawing Disney characters
  6. Finding the quickest route to get my sister to school on time
  7. Singing the books of the Bible song half way through and then getting stuck
    Old Testament and New Testament
  8. Standing in a moving bus without awkwardly falling into people's laps
    This one took time
  9. Guessing the number of jelly beans in the mason jar at any bridal party, baby shower etc
  10. Rapping Alphabet Aerobics
    What Danielle Radcliffe did on Jimmy Fallon that one time
  11. Making flower crowns BUT only for my 8 year old sister AND only on her birthday
  12. Washing dishes
    It takes a technique and precision
  13. Predicting the future
    One second I was asking my sister why our resort room needed sprinklers. Next minute a fire began to burn in the floor above us.
  14. Taking slow-mo video
  15. Dream casting films
    My Clue remake dream cast is too good for this world