1. For background: I am a big Hamilton fan and decided to take a class on the show and the history this quarter at my school.
  2. And guess who the professor is getting to come visit the class?
  3. Giphy
  4. Giphy
  5. Giphy
  6. Giphy
  7. Oh god.
  8. 🙏🏽
  9. Thank you Lord.
  10. 🙏🏽
  11. You are the bomb.
  12. 🙏🏽
  13. Amen.
  14. **pulls out Puerto Rican flag in class**
  15. He is coming tomorrow! I submitted a question and now my profs want me to ask him it directly! Ahhhh! I'm so nervous and excited and mostly nervous!
  16. Rereading my question over and over 😬
  17. ahhhh!!
  18. So girls here's how it went down...
  19. He walked out all swaggy and performed a slowed down cover of Alexander Hamilton! He let us sing along and said it was "lit"
    At this moment all 200 people in the room feel in love with him.
  20. Then he answered our the first round of questions. The highlight was when he spoke about growing up in NY. He was so genuine and funny. Meanwhile, my stomach was flipping (poor butterflies in there). My question was coming up...
  21. Next musical performance. He sang two original songs. One about falling for two people at the same time (which I mean you can't blame them ⬇️) And another about a weekend away with queen Jasmine.
    At this point all 200 of our relationships advanced to full blown pregnancy. We started a family y'all. Also I took the pic above during this break after I checked list and saw all your notifications.
  22. Music break #2 done. Now my question. My god I was nervous. But I stood up. Looked him in his stupidly magnificent face and asked my question. His answer was almost made for me. He spoke about his PR pride 🇵🇷And Latinos writing about Latino experiences. And his new Spike Lee show he just wrapped. So much good stuff.
    Also he said if he had to pick a rapper to rap his life story it would be Lecrae (the Christian rapper). In that moment I knew my mom would approve and we could move forward with our marriage.
  23. Questions ended. And we moved on to the last music performance. He sang Dear Theodosia (to the 200 babies birthed from the audience's collective pregnancy). And he sang one final song, a new one he just wrote while coping with the current political and social climate. Beautiful. Then he left our stage.
  24. But wait! He walked back out to sign a bunch of stuff for the audience. I didn't get to stay though 🙇🏽‍♀️
  25. But I mean!
  26. You guys!!!