1. In 2011 I was a HUGE Selena Gomez fan.
  2. The biggest.
  3. So when her band, Selena Gomez and the Scene, announced their "We Own The Night" tour was coming to Chicago, my aunt thought to buy me tickets for my birthday.
  4. On August 13 2011, 14 yr old me and my aunt drove out to Rosemont.
  5. We got there late.
  6. The opening act was already on stage.
  7. The opening act was Christina Grimmie.
  8. She was a rising YouTube star I had never heard of before but God, I thought, her voice is incredible.
  9. After she performed my aunt and I went to the venues lobby to try and get an autograph.
  10. We saw her brother.
  11. Her brave brother who did not know one day he would tackle a gun assailant to the floor for her.
  12. He told us she would be out in a few.
  13. We bought her debut EP, Find Me.
  14. We waited in line until she came out.
  15. She sat at a table, fringed hair and all.
  16. This was my first big pop music concert and my first time getting an autograph. I was super shy.
  17. When we approached the table she treated us with kindness. And calmed my nerves. I remember being in love with her haircut.
  18. She signed my CD.
  19. We watched Selena's set.
  20. And left.
  21. My aunt thought "the opening act" was a better singer than Selena.
  22. We popped the EP into the car and listened in awe of her voice.
  23. I got home showed my 12 year old sister.
  24. We binge watched all of her YouTube videos.
  25. We loved her.
  26. We rooted for her on the Voice.
  27. Now last night she was fatally shot signing autographs for fans.
  28. The same kind act that allowed me to meet her five years ago.
  29. Her brother, who was by her side in 2011, tackled the shooter.
  30. The shooter fatally shot himself.
  31. I woke up to this news.
  32. How can such a kind and appreciative person be the victim of such a senseless crime?
  33. Why her?
  34. Lucy Hale tweeted upon hearing the news that some "things happen that will never make sense".
  35. What happens to her brother? Whose bravery may have saved his sister from an even more painful end?
  36. What happens to the witnesses? The young people whose minds will forever hold this image of a young girl's life being stolen?
  37. Senseless acts of violence like this are devastating and heartbreaking.
  38. They don't only affect one they affect many.
  39. Today I rummage through my drawers
  40. Find my autographed CD
  41. And pray.
  42. For the family
  43. For the fans
  44. For an end to these senseless robberies of life.
  45. Giphy
  46. UPDATE: Selena Gomez's stepfather and long time manager of Christina has created a go fund me for the family if you are interested.