1. In Daylights
    Spent Sleeping in too late
  2. In Sunsets
    Posted to Instagram
  3. In Midnights
    Working on deadline
  4. In Cuuuuupps of coffee
  5. In Inches
    Of hair my ponytail holders have pulled off
  6. In Miles
    Spent lost
  7. In Laughter
    My jokes never get
  8. In Strife
    To work or to Netflix?
  9. In 525,600 minutes
    Of awkward silence
  10. In 525,600 journeys to plan
    And be too broke to go on
  11. In truths that she learned
    At the end of Full House episodes
  12. Or in times that she cried
    Watching a Julia Roberts movie
  13. In bridges she burned
    Trying to do science
  14. Or the way that she died
    OMG this list is hilarious I'm dying.
  15. How about love?
    Of pizza?
  16. How about love?
    Not requitted?
  17. Measure my life in love!
    Of TV!!
  18. Seasons binge watched!