1. My Netflix account went crazy today.
    My theory is the new Sweeny Todd ad screwed everything up.
  2. Anyway, here are some of my new suggested viewings.
  3. In the mood for a "Romantic Drama"
    Try Gridlocked, Bad Boys 2, or Son of Batman
  4. Need some "Witty TV"
    Try Bring it On (All of Nothing), Brotherly Love, or The Fast and The Furious
  5. How about a "Movie from the 1980s"
    Try The Interview, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Kangeroo Jack
  6. Basic "Comedies"
    Include Flash, Supernatural, Daredevil, Arrow, and Scandal
  7. You've watched Friends before right? Then "Because you watched Friends"
    Try Naruto, Sword Art Online, Fairytale, or the Seven Deadly Sins (btw all Anime so yay)
  8. Also "Because you watched That 70s Show"
    Try Abandoned, The Invitation, Congo, and The Babadook
  9. Remember you "watched Grease: Live" with your younger siblings
    Next time you need to relax a 8 and 10 yr old, try another Fast and Furious, Djangi unchained, Redemtion, Four Brothers, and Mel Gibson's Action Thriller Get the Gringo.
  10. And never forget the incredible "International Comedies"
    My All American, The Nut Job, Disney's Short Film Collection, Bring it On, and Adam Sandler's Big Daddy
  11. Lastly if it's a "Classic Movies" you desire
    Try Goosebumps, The Little Rascals, Scooby Doo (from 2002), The Emperor's New Groove, and Good Burger