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  1. Breaking up
  2. Cumin
  3. Ingrown hairs
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  1. Ferns are friends of the earth obvi.
  2. Magnificent Century. Turkish drama about the Ottoman empire. Watch it.
  3. Dranks
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  1. Learn how to dance
    Belly dance, flamenco dance, etc.
  2. Rise above some bullshit
    Be a bad ass bitch
  3. Get a thing peirced
    You only live once
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  1. "Technically right is the best kind of right."
  2. "They gave us free pizza for some reason."
  3. "Yay, let's get some slices of ice cream!"
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  1. Cute guy, 3 o'clock
    Lapped me 4 times. Damn I'm slow
  2. This is great preparation for being lost at sea
    I refuse to be fish food
  3. If I die at sea no one will ever find my body
    The ocean is vast yo
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  1. Ganja
    Someone is going to have the ch-illist morning
  2. Hair spray
    Looking good chica!
  3. Cologne
    Rico Suave
  1. 1.
    No need to drive
    Forget about buying gas, insurance and a parking space!
  2. 2.
    Get to stare at other weirdos on the bus
    I wonder what their life is like
  3. 3.
    Climate controlled
    Heater in the winter and a/c in the summer
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  1. Romaine lettuce
  2. Tomatos
  3. Red onion
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