1. No need to drive
    Forget about buying gas, insurance and a parking space!
  2. Get to stare at other weirdos on the bus
    I wonder what their life is like
  3. Climate controlled
    Heater in the winter and a/c in the summer
  4. Time to read a book
    It's one of the only times I am forced to 🤓📖 if I forget my smart phone
  5. Listening to other people's conversations
    Say what?!?
  6. Get to sit chill for 45 minutes
    Or however long it takes to reach any destination
  7. Talking to the driver
    If he/she is a cool dude
  8. Check out cute dudes/ladies
    When I look up from my book and look like I'm pondering life
  9. Excuse if I am late to work
    The bus broke down and I had no choice but to be late
  10. Leaves less of a carbon footprint
    It's like carpooling with 25ish other folks