Often started because of fictional characters
  1. Whether or not a celebrity looks like another celebrity
  2. Whether a burger is more of a sandwich than a hot dog
    This was especially ridiculous because we both agreed that hot dogs are sandwiches
  3. Whether an old shirt of his was brown or gray
  4. Whether Dumbledore is actually a good person
    He believes him to be the true villain
  5. Whether Harry Potter is actually good at magic
    He says no, but I point out that he's markedly good at DAtDA-related magic
  6. Whether Benny from RENT is being an asshole
    He took Benny's side, then years later I convinced him that he was wrong, then he flip-flopped again he is back to "Benny isn't a bad guy"
  7. Whether Brave was the most Disney PIXAR movie
    I thought he was saying it was a bad movie, but after watching it recently following Moana, I saw his point
  8. The attractiveness of Zac Efron
    I won. He loves him now.