I know people say that smell is closely connected to memory, but I think for me it's more about taste
  1. Capri Suns
    My favorite way to consume these was to freeze them, cut the top off with scissors and poke at the block of ice with a fork to make some sort of weird slush. I would inevitably poke through the foil and into my fingers- YUM!
  2. Papa Murphy's Pizza
    Always fresh, sometimes burnt
  3. Anything from the Schwan's truck
    The Schwan's Truck would come all the way out to our house 🏡 every other week to deliver frozen delights. We also had a milkman who came once a week... oh country living
  4. Homemade Frozen Coffee
    Yes, I drank coffee as a young child. Well, technically I ate coffee as a young child. Really this is mostly sugar and cream with just a splash of coffee
  5. Hummus
    This is a heavily guarded family secret recipe, but I'll tell you about one game changer: roast your pine nuts. Also, add a ton of garlic