You may not understand them, you may not want anything to do with them, but there are many of us out there.
  1. Social anxiety
    Many of these people did not stop by choice, but rather could not handle the pressures of listing publicly, and in the real world.
  2. Overwhelming jealousy/sadness
    They have watched in horror as their confident, well toned piers have gone on to make it big, amassing lists, followers, fame, and above all: sponsors.
  3. Low motivation
    Pity is waisted on these users. Sure, they tell you about the great drafts they've got saved, but where is it? If it's so good, why aren't they being shared?
  4. Fear of failure
    Many of these users have trended the app every list, over a year ago. They do not know, and refuse to know, what it feels like to be a normal user.
  5. Fear of success
    Below this fear of failure lies the obvious fear of success. If you list the very best you can list, what then? Can you handle a life free of human anxiety and distraction? Are you prepared to leave all of that behind?
  6. Detachment from reality/society
    They grew up in a time when they could count all the list users just with their fingers. There are now too many users for them to handle. They are completely out of touch with who the users are, what they like, what they find funny, and what the find offensive.
  7. Depression/complete denial about the quality of the past
    Often refer to the "Good Ol' Days", despite the fact that they never happened. No facts about the past can waver the gleaming/inaccurate image they have of the beta.
  8. Selfishness
    Many of these inactive users are also some of the brightest stars of list. But despite their undeniable gift for empathy and hilarity, they scoff at sharing them with the rest of the world. Let's not mince words here, denying others the gift of brilliantly witty and semi-revealing lists is not only a wasteful, it's criminal.
  9. Fear of betraying other inactive users
    Most of the inactive users spend hours on the phone, lamenting how commercial and compromised the list community has become. They see themselves as list purists. To write a list, and then share it with others would mean complete isolation and alienation from that close knit group of outsiders.
  10. They are just waiting for a helping hand
    If you see an inactive list user watching from the sidelines, find a way to integrate them into the community. Perhaps invite them to play a game, or enjoy a fun snack, any activity that takes the pressure off of them and refocuses their attention on something less intimidating than human interaction.