His name is Matt, and though he would seem quite normal at first glance, he is actually the most impressive person on Facebook. His profile pictures are the stuff of legends
  1. The 1st profile picture is strange but not eye catching
  2. The 2nd is similar
  3. By the 3rd you notice a trend
  4. You continue out of curiosity
  5. You keep looking
  6. You can't stop
  7. It begins to hit you
  8. That you have found genius
  9. You notice the dates flying by
  10. And you realize
  11. That this took YEARS
  12. ...
  13. ...
  14. How? How long?
  15. ...
  16. At this point no one can stop you from finding the original picture that started it all
  17. And then it ends
  18. And though you are done with these pictures, they are not done with you. You will remember and respect Matt as the greatest man on Facebook