1. J.J. Abrams
    There will be adventures, explosions, attractive people, everything. A solid dream.
  2. Paul Thomas Anderson
    A raw communication with your subconscious. Your father will open up to you, you will forgive him. As you cradle your dying brother, you will reach a point of catharsis so great that waking up will kind of freak you out. You'll be super nice to your brother for a couple days.
  3. Quentin Tarantino
    Explain to your bully that you won't ruin his life, because you are a patient, karma believing guy. Then go get laid by Uma Thurman.
  4. Hayao Miyazaki
    Wow. Bears. Water spirits. Dragons. Giggling. Magic.
  5. David Lynch
    Your teeth will fall out. Duh.
  6. Wes Anderson
    Get used to only walking in 90 degree angles.
  7. Werner Herzog
    Converse with the mad sounds of the jungle after murdering your only friend for food.
  8. David Fincher
    There are spy's everywhere! And you don't know what they want!
  9. Steven Spielberg
    There will be trials, hardship, epic music, but Tom Hanks will always be there for you. He's always there.