If Melania Trump Became The First Lady

imagine a world where Melania Trump is the First Lady what would her initiatives be?
  1. 1.
    Immigration is the answer to obesity in America.
    Growing up she looked up to Kate moss & iman, you know REAL super models. She insists America lacks real super models, and blames this on the complexity of foreigners getting papers & legally immigrating. So Melania would like to offer open immigration to females from Brazil, Russia, UK & Germany only if they are 5"11+ and under 120lbs. Americas obesity epidemic depend on us having role models with unrealistic body types to compare ourselves to, thus creating enough shame to keep the USA thin
  2. 2.
    Providing better opportunity for veterans. She believes that the reason so many of them don't get jobs is its hard for employers to see them in all that dirty camo. Tax payers dollars will provide former service members fashion makeovers (she believes-just cause u were over seas doesn't mean you can't keep up with trends) 😍😍😍
  3. 3.
    Closing the digital divide thus putting an end to single old people who are forced to die alone
    Closing the digital divide. Technology education for all. Melanie knows just how important a good selfie is when trying to attract a life partner that can take care of you. She believes selfies are the answer to keeping Americans from dying alone. See, she two was single until she learned the art of good lighting and a great filter and with some practice used her selfie skills to land her trump. So she will spend her time as First Lady tirelessly educating on selfie lighting