I sleep every night so I know the routine
  1. Get off the couch
  2. Walk to the bathroom
  3. Pick up my toothbrush
  4. Pick up some toothpaste
  5. Put the toothpaste on the toothbrush
  6. Put the toothpaste tube back on the sink
  7. Look at my face in the mirror with my hand in front of it
  8. Brush my teeth
  9. Put some water in my mouth
  10. Spit out that water
  11. Clean off my beard with water
  12. Dry off my beard with a towel
  13. Put my toothbrush back on the sink
  14. Walk back to the couch
  15. Lay on the couch
  16. Pull the blankets over me
  17. Lay on my left side