A lot of people (myself included) are always looking for answers. So here are some general answers to questions nobody asked with the purpose of making your life happier
  1. Write a fan letter to your hero, even if they're dead
  2. Stop watching A Thousand Ways to Die
  3. Stop avoiding the doctor. Stop avoiding the therapist. Stop avoiding tough conversations.
  4. Don't wear shorts in the god damn winter. This is why we have pants
  5. Learn to recognize loneliness in other people
  6. Don't play Bingo. The stakes are low and the blood pressure is high
  7. Don't make heroes out of people. That's a lot of pressure to put on a person
  8. Moisturize all over your body
  9. Apes are social creatures, so make an effort to be more social
    Note: being social is not to be confused with being outgoing
  10. Glean as much information from a person's actions and appearance as you possibly can. All it takes to be kind is to be observant