I just finished watching The Big Short and it made me want to unleash
  1. "You don't like loud music?!" Well I don't like fraudulent dickheads running America.
  2. "Your knuckles hurt from knocking so hard on my door. Boo hoo. My dick hurts from seeing these selfish pricks fuck the middle class from their homes.
  3. "You want the drumming to stop?!" I want our veterans to be taken care of just as they took care of OUR country.
  4. "You don't like the time slot that I chose to play?" Well I don't like that the children do not have the access to basic yet essential education.
  5. "You have to wake up early for work?!" Push please I have to wake America up out of its dazed, ignant, foolishly arrogant fairy tale dreamworld.
  6. "Rock and Roll IS noise pollution." J.P. Morgan aka "my fist into Mr. Jejunum Punch Morgan" IS noise pollution
  7. "How about you shut the fuck up?! How about Congress shuts the fuck up and let's the people speak.
  8. "It's time to go to bed." No. Mom. All the cool kids know It's time to panic. Everybody panic.