I'm no longer friends with any of these people, but I often wonder what they're up to.
  1. Kindergarten: Willie Tran
    He used to puff his cheeks out and pull on his ears and pretend he was a monkey. It was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. He also used to ride his bike to my house and walk in without knocking or even telling me he was coming over. My parents didn't like him very much.
  2. 1st Grade: Sam LaSota
    Fastest kid I ever knew. He used to turn his eyelids inside out and chase girls during recess. He was very charming.
  3. 2nd Grade: Josh Friendshuh
    We used to read Sonic the hedgehog comics and watch wrestling together. First sleepover I ever went to was at his apartment. We went to his neighbors apartment to watch Martin and yell penis out the window as loud as we could.
  4. 3rd Grade: Josh Friendshuh
    Back at it for another year.
  5. 4th Grade: Michael Mai
    I went to his birthday party at Valleyfair. We literally just went on the Wave for like eight hours. I honestly never even went past that one ride, which is like one of the first rides in the park. I freaked out and had to go home early because I was afraid his family was going to leave me there.
  6. 5th Grade: Greg Wallerus
    He was actually my brother's best friend since kindergarten but the summer between fourth and fifth grade was when he and I really became friends too. We'd ride our bikes to his house and play Goldeneye all day. He was like a third brother to us.
  7. 6th Grade: Akbar Yakub
    He came halfway through the school year and was in every one of my classes with me, so I had to show him around. I didn't like him at first but he ended up being my best friend that year. He moved away at the end of the year so to keep in touch so we exchanged email addresses. I didn't have my own at the time so I gave him my Dad's, which was considered the "family email address", similar to the home phone number (what a weird concept now). I think my Dad deleted any email he got from him.
  8. 7th Grade: Chanthy and Chantha Khun
    They were a pair of twins from Cambodia, so my brother and I bonded with them pretty quickly. I don't think anyone could make me laugh harder than these two. I don't remember the context, but I think the first time I ever laughed until I cried and had a stomach ache was with them
  9. 8th Grade: Vijay Ramroop
    Probably my least favorite guy on this list. Great guy, but nothing really special about him. 8th grade was a strange time for me, no friends really stand out in my mind.
  10. 9th Grade: Ernest Williams
    Ernest and I were in Wars in American History together, which was the first class of the very first day of high school. He and I were the only freshmen in the class so we just sat next to each other because we were both terrified. He was a weird dude. He once took a safety pin and cut a pretty big hourglass into the top of his forearm because he was bored. I think he permanently scarred himself by doing that. We weren't actually that close.
  11. 10th Grade: Zach Henrickson
    We were in a lot of classes together, he was a pretty good guy. He had a very dry sense of humor and I could never tell if he was joking or not. When he got bored he used to intentionally trip and fall, but always made it look like an accident just to get me to laugh. It worked every time.
  12. 11th Grade: Adam Foye
    He was actually kind of an asshole, but I just hung out with him anyway because he had a car. He turned out to be a decent guy after high school. Him and Zach are the only people from high school I'm still slightly in contact with.
  13. 12th Grade: Willie Tran
    If you had come to me in kindergarten and told me that he and I would be still be friends, playing frisbee golf on the last day of senior year AND the girl I had a crush on since kindergarten would be there too, I'd have called you a liar. What's even crazier is that he and went to Normandale for two years after that, but didn't know we were both going there until we saw each other on the first day. He still made monkey faces, even in college.