I have a hard time throwing anything away and I'm somewhat sentimental. As a result, I have a big drawer filled with mementos from nearly every significant part of my life, for better or worse. Here's a very small sample of those mementos.
  1. I took a lot of photography classes in high school and this is probably my favorite picture from said classes. My brother (or is it me?) likes what he sees.
  2. When I was in second grade my class had a contest to see who could make the best bookmark. My Sonic and Tails bookmark won and my teacher ended up laminating it, which at the time was a huge deal because that made it super official. I know now laminated paper means very little.
  3. My first and only time going to a Twins game outside of Minnesota. We won the game, but the biggest thing I took away from the whole experience was seeing birds flying around the field. The Metrodome didn't have wildlife.
  4. The only playoff game I've ever been to. We lost to the Yankees and eventually got swept out of the playoffs. But a guy ran out on the field and made it pretty far before he got caught, so that was cool.
  5. My freshman ID. Ladies...😏😏
  6. My rubber band collection. It's a lifestyle.
  7. I've kept every ticket stub from every movie I've seen for the past ten years or so, this being the first of that collection. This movie really doesn't stand the test of time.
  8. The first of many pens I've stolen from the CC club. Got quite a bit of use out of that one.
  9. My name tag from BK. Fun fact: It was once run over by a car and still worked.
  10. My ticket stub from Soundset this past summer. I really didn't want to go but ended up having a lot of fun. Ludacris absolutely stole the show.
  11. My Legend of Zelda pocket watch. For a good five years of my life, this was my prized possession.
  12. My bead-snake thing. I was a beast at making these things. Lizard, snake, ladybug, frog, I did it all.
  13. Part one of an unfinished comic strip I did in school.
  14. Part 2
  15. Part 3