Because #yoloswag just isn't cutting it anymore
  1. Word is bond
    How else will the homies believe your improbable tale if you don't preface it with "word is bond"?
  2. Psyche/sike
    The spelling on this one may vary, but the results are always the same. Leave busters in stunned silence when you hit them with this classic fake out.
  3. All that and a bag of chips
    The world is filled with people that got it going on. This is the best phrase to get that point across. Side note, let's bring back "got it going on" while we're at it.
  4. Talk to the hand
    Tired of your current circumstances? Want that fool to get out of your business? Nothing shuts them down faster than a hand to the face. Add in some screeching tire sound effects for maximum effectiveness