(Asterisk denotes group costume)
  1. Age 3: Woodstock from Peanuts
  2. Age 5: Unspecific Care Bear
  3. Age 6, 7, 8 and 9: Garbage Bag California Raisin*
  4. Age 10: Clown
  5. Age 11: Peacock
  6. Age 12: Baby (in footie pajamas, not a diaper, you pervs)
  7. Age 13: A Tree (DIYed in last minute reversal of opinion that I was too old to Trick-or-Treat)
  8. Age 14: Bedsheet ghost (to conceal my identity because I was TOO OLD--and at 5'9", far too tall--TO TRICK-OR-TREAT)*
  9. Age 15-17: Forced Hiatus
  10. Age 18 (now at Ohio University, home to the country's largest Halloween party): Lucy Pevensie from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe*
  11. Age 19: Uncredited extras from the movie Fame*
  12. Age 20: Hippie (concept was muddled in execution as I was surrounded by actual hippies and also I'm unreasonably scared of pot)
  13. Age 21: Surgical Mask-Era Michael Jackson, complete with headset mic. I am caucasian. My friend who is black went as Rhythm Nation-era Janet Jackson. It was magical.*
  14. Age 22: Skipped the party to do laundry.
  15. Age 23, now living in NYC: NYC tourists (complete with unfurled maps, foam statue of liberty crowns, fanny packs, and cameras)*
  16. Age 24: Punky Brewster. I worked at a tourist restaurant in Times Square, we were required to dress up. After work, we all went to an ultra-hip nightclub where a co-worker moonlit as a bouncer and snuck us in. Kicked it in my knee bandana and pigtails next to 1000 beautiful, slutty, coked up angels in what turned out to be a modeling agency party.
  17. Age 25-29: Not that I can remember.
  18. Age 30: My own mother, Carol. Complete with holiday jack-o-lantern sweater, pleated khakis and an eerily accurate wig.
  19. Age 31-death: There's no point in trying to top that.