A short, highly curated introduction to the great chronicler of life in 20th-century New York City.
  1. The Colorful Guy I Met But You Can't Meet Him Because He's Busy (The New Yorker: April 23, 1952)
  2. Something About Scallops (The New Yorker: February 12, 1961)
  3. The Old Man Who Remembers Everything That Ever Happened to Him and Talks in Perfect Anecdotes (The New York Herald Tribune: July 2, 1931)
  4. Indians, Indians, Indians (New York World-Telegram: March 26, 1929)
  5. A Long Single-Sentence List of Things I Saw On 43rd Street One Day When Mr. Shawn Got Mad At Me For Some Reason And Gave Me a Deadline (The New Yorker, September 26, 1957)
  6. I Am Joseph Freakin' Mitchell And I Don't Answer To Some Punk From J School (The New Yorker: January 16, 1964)