In honor of Getting On's final season premiere. There's more to life than The Big Bang Theory and Empire. Many of these star women. That isn't a coincidence.
  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    An unflinching look at mental illness pushed through the lens of musical theater. This fall's most creative output. Naturally, no one is watching. People are dumb.
  2. You're The Worst
    Another unflinching exploration of mental illness, this time clinical depression. Aya Cash is proving herself to be one of our generation's finest actresses.
  3. Fresh Off the Boat
    Our freshest, funniest family comedy. The stable of child actors is almost supernaturally talented. And Constance Wu is a goddamn revelation.
  4. Fargo
    How Noah Hawley so perfectly delivers the Coen brothers formula of wicked comedy and tense thriller is beyond my comprehension. And any show that will let Jean Smart and Kristen Dunst steal the show is greatness demanding to be celebrated.
  5. Mom
    There is no show that celebrates women of a certain age like Mom. There is no multi-cam that understands the format like Mom. There is no exploration of addiction on TV like Mom. There is nothing on TV like Mom.
  6. Difficult People
    If Seinfeld was written for 2015, it would be this show. Watch it. Watch it now.
  7. Getting On
    It's hard to express how divine this HBO comedy is. Laurie Metcalf reminds us how much of a national treasure she is. Niecy Nash surprises with her subtle approach to comedy. Alex Borstein proves she should never be overlooked. Again, women prove they are art's most powerful creator. Watch this show.